Try Gliding

Try Gliding

If you would just like take a short flight to see if you enjoy it, try a Introductory Flight. Mendip Gliding Club offers “Introductory Flights” in a two seater glider flown by a fully qualified instructor.

Gliders usually take off by being launched by a winch or by being towed into the air behind a powered aircraft…(“Aerotow”). Winch Launches typically lift the glider to about 1000 feet whereas an “Aerotow” can go to any height depending on the height of the clouds. (To find out more about launching methods click here )

Flight duration is determined by many things not just the height of the launch. For example…is the air the glider is flying through going up or is it going down? How fast is the glider moving? And of course how skilful is the pilot. (For more about how gliders use thermals and other kinds of “lift” click here ) If the conditions are right gliders can stay aloft for hours but if all the local air is descending then the flight will be much shorter. Your instructor will make your Introductory Flight as long as is safe and practical but Winch Launch Introductory Flights will be limited to up to 15 minutes. Aerotow Introductory Flights will be limited to 30 minutes.

Introductory Flight Costs…

 Single winch launch trial lesson 

Three winch launch trial lessons or a single aerotow lesson  

Introductory Flights can be purchased with cash or a cheque at the airfield or in advance by purchasing a Voucher. 
Click here
Vouchers make fantastic gifts.
Introductory Flights are only flown on weekends 
For safety reasons some personal restrictions apply.
For details click here

Gliding is highly dependent on the weather and the airfield weather may be different to that where you are so If you plan to take an Introductory Flight, it would be a good idea to check on that before setting out. Please call the MGC Clubhouse (01749 870 312) after about 08.30 in the morning and ask to speak with the Duty Pilot. They will tell you what the flying conditions are and advise you what time you should aim to arrive.
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