Powered Aircraft Movements

Powered Aircraft Movements

With the exception of "known" local pilots Halesland Airfield is strictly Prior Permission Required (PPR) for powered aircraft movements.
N.B. that unless gliding is taking place sheep and cattle are normally grazing on the airfield.

The only landing area suitable for powered aircraft is on the north side of the field parallel to the north wall. The landing strip is orientated 300/120 degrees and is 800 metres long.

During gliding operations beware of winch launching activities. In strong winds launch heights to 1500ft are achieved. Circuit directions are variable and you should obviously keep a good lookout and give way to any gliders.

Do not approach too soon after a winch launch. If there were to be a cable break there could be a length of cable drifting down the airfield or you may encounter a glider manoeuvring quite sharply to return to the field after a launch failure.

The club uses 129.975 Mhz as a means of contact but there will be times when no radio is available.

PPR and a site briefing can be obtained from a number of club members who are also PPL holders. In the first instance email the CFI or Chairman. 
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