Club Fleet

Mendip GC owns a number of gliders avaliable for use by our club members, on top of this, we also have about 15 private/syndicated gliders kept on site. 


The ASK-13 is a two-seat training glider, originating from Germany, it is probably the most commonly used training glider within Europe, over 700 have been built. It is made from a mixture of wood, fabric and fibreglass. It has 'dual controls', meaning that both the instructor and the trainee have their own set of controls for the aircraft, allowing the instructor to take over if need be.

Skylark 4

The Skylark 4 is another wood & fabric based glider, it is a single seater and is slightly more advanced than the K8, the main difference being it's larger wingspan. It is the second single-seater aircraft a solo pilot would progress into.

Astir 511

The Astir is made of GRP and has much higher performance than any other glider within our club fleet. It's a single seater used for competitions or longer cross country flights. This is the most advanced glider within our fleet.

Rotax Falke

The Rotax-Falke is a motor-glider, it is the only aircraft within our fleet that has an engine. We use it as a tow-plane to launch other gliders, subject to avliability. It is also used for cross-country navigation training.


The K8 Single Seat glider is the first single seat aircraft a newly qualified solo pilot will fly at Mendip GC.  With similar handling characteristics as the K13, this fun aircraft is a joy to fly.

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