Before flying

Before Flying

Whenever you visit Mendip it will be a brilliant experience. But you might be required to have a check flight if you already are a glider pilot. 

Mendip can be a very rewarding site to fly from but their are some site-specific aspects which visiting pilots need to be aware of, therefore a briefing with an instructor is a requirement, it is also club policy that if you are visiting Mendip from another site you will be required to have at least one check flight. If you are thinking of visiting it is best to ring the secretary, chairman or CFI prior to your visit (a couple of days in advance would be ideal). If you are bringing an aircraft with you then it is your responsibility to bring all the appropriate paperwork with you. 

On a usual club day members arrive at 0830 and start setting up the airfield. This involves clearing stock off the field, erecting the windsock, carrying out daily inspections on all club vehicles and aircraft and setting up the winch & launch point, this is all followed by the mandatory cup of tea/coffee in the clubhouse prior to briefing! The briefing is carried out by an instructor and occurs at about 1000, after this flying can begin!
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